Faith-based assisted living facility in the works in Sarasota

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SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. -- A Suncoast church is getting into the assisted living business, and plans to break ground soon on a facility where the faithful will be able to live a stone’s throw from where they worship.

“We're working together with Omega, that already has a project underway in South Biscayne Church with Dr. John Cross in North Port.” Pastor Peter Young, the executive pastor of the Church of Hope in Sarasota, says it's been a long journey, but the project that started in January should be completed somewhere about March of 2015.

He is getting ready to break ground in Sarasota with Church of Hope’s faith-based community.

The facility is not a skilled nursing home facility, rather one that enables people to live a fuller life. “There is a memory care facility that has an atrium where they are in a safe environment.”

77-year-old Julio Enrique Vega says faith-based communities are a good idea. “I'm very happy myself if you build some kind of retirement place, and also I suggest the people have faith.”

His daughter, Dr. Vilma Vega, CEO and founder of Balanced Life Blueprint, say's its important people are able to practice their faith as they age. “Studies have shown that actually faith-based opportunities for older folks may lead to a longer life.”

With continued development of their health through exercise, fitness programs and activities that will encourage them to stay physically and mentally alert.

Pastor Peter’s response to naysayers who say there is no place to faith based communities? “Then they are obviously choosing to live a life without faith, and to me that's component of their health, their spiritual health is a part of that.”

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