Exhibit on the Suncoast features tribute to DaVinci

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BRADENTON, Fla. -- Director of the DaVinci exhibit Mark Rodgers can't hide his excitement when talking about Leonardo Davinci to visitors. The artist was best known for painting the Mona Lisa but has contributed a lot more.

"Very few people are aware that he was the greatest prolific inventors of all time."

Visitors of the exhibit also had the opportunity to listen to a documentary about DaVinci. Shannon Zielinsky made it a point to visit before it ends this month.

"Short of going to Italy, this is the next best thing. It’s wonderful, it’s educational, it’s just so interesting," stated Zielinsky.

Casey Garcia is also a fan of DaVinci and wanted to learn more.

"It teaches a lot of people--especially kids about Leonardo DaVinci because he created and drew a lot of things."

Pasco County resident Mitchell Gregoire drove a little over an hour to see this exhibit.

"Great thing to learn about the minds of the renaissance period and the inventions that they did at that time. No one has seen anything like it before," stated Gregoire.

Bradenton is only the third city to host this exhibition and it has been a huge success according to Rodgers. He wants visitors to have a better perspective of who DaVinci was and what he’s contributed to modern day life.

"When you come through this exhibit, we want you to leave changed. We want you to find and discover not only what this one man did in his life but all the magnificent machines that brought us into the modern era."