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Ex-North Port cop Melanie Turner responds to accusations

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NORTH PORT, Fla. -- As we first reported Monday, charges against former North Port Police officer Melanie Turner for sexual battery and false imprisonment have been dropped. Today via text we hear from Turner for the first time.

Meanwhile, some residents say it still has them concerned about what's going on within the police department.

The State Attorney's office announced Monday that they are declining to press charges against Turner, saying there was a lack of proof that those accused did anything against the alleged victim’s will.

Turner, who was at the beach Tuesday, sent us a response. "I've been saying all along that the truth will come out, and that those who know me know that there was never a chance that her allegations were true. I want to thank those that have stood by me, and R.I.P. Ricky Urbina."

Urbina is the North Port Police officer who was on duty during the incident and was accused of assaulting the woman, along with Turner. Shortly after charges were filed, he killed himself.

Turner has some choice words for the woman who accused them. "I also want to add that she has to live with the guilt of her false accusations contributing to his death."

The whole concept of a wild booze binge party by those in blue has struck a nerve in the North Port community. The documents show other officers were also in attendance at the party, which included lots of drinking, group kissing, and other sexual undertones.

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"You are hearing they are having wild parties. It concerns a lot of people," says one resident.

A number of residents ABC 7 spoke to Tuesday all knew about the situation but didn't want to go on camera. One man who agreed without showing his face says charges or not, the community expects more. "They are on a little bit of a higher level to where when everyone looks at them; they are authorities. They should conduct themselves in that way. That way people get respect for them. When people see them like this, they just say ‘hell, they are as bad, if not worse, than we are.’ There is no authority figure there anymore."

Turner resigned from the force last week. When asked what's next, she had only this to say. "I don't know, but I couldn't go back there after all the bad publicity. Too many naive people out there who didn't bother to ask questions and just chose to crucify me instead."

The North Port Police Department says they are still going to go ahead and hire an outside agency to come in and review their department.