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Ex-deputy accused of trying to kill woman, taking $100K for sex, faces more charges

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SARASOTA CO., Fla. (WWSB) - The total charges against a former Sarasota County deputy accused of attempted murder now number 25 after 6 new charges were added Tuesday night.

New charges against Frankie Eugene Bybee include forging more suicidal letters from a 79-year-old woman, using her ATM card repeatedly to withdraw money, and getting paid more than $100,000 from another woman for sex.

Bybee is already facing charges of trying to kill a 79-year-old Sarasota woman while taking more than $65,000 from her.

Deputies said they found an email containing suicidal implications that was delivered to the 79-year-old's primary care doctor from her email address. When the staff received the email, they alerted law enforcement who initiated an involuntary commitment for evaluation. Investigators traced the IP address to ByBee's home.

On Wednesday, a newly released affidavit revealed the contents of additional emails. One read: "I can't go on. I am going to take a bottle of pills tonight and go to sleep and not wake up. You are the meanest friend I ever had. Don't call the police. I'll tell them you are the crazy one."

In other affidavit investigators say they were contacted by a woman who said she and Bybee engaged in an illicit sexual relationship over the course of several years. An internal investigation revealed that Bybee maintained a relationship with the woman and accepted more than $100,000 from her for performing sexual acts. 

Excepts from the report:

"In a recorded statement, (redacted name) told SSO Det. M. Lefebvre that she and Dep. Frankie Bybee were involved in an ongoiong "business deal" for several years that included Dep. Bybee being financially compensated for engaging in sexual acts with her.

"According to (redacted name) she paid Dep. Frankie Bybee $5,000.00 for their initial sexual encounter which took place in a hotel room near Boston, Massachusetts. Ms. (redacted name) stated that she would make the financial payments through a PayPal account that Dep. Bybee secured. (redacted name) stated that after their initial encounter for $5,000.00, they agreed upon the amount of $500.00 for sexual intercourse and $500.00 for oral sex or for her to watch Dep. Bybee (redacted) via a video application (app).

"(Redacted name) also stated that she purchased a "pop up camper" for Dep. Bybee as well as giving him $20,000.00 to purchase a Jeep that we wanted. (Redacted name) also said that she accompanied Dep. Bybee to a local ccredit union at which time she paid off a loan for him valued at approximately $30,000.00 dollars."

Additional charges report that on Jan. 30, detectives were contacted by an online business owner out of Kentucky who sold a CR-3000 car rotisserie and accessory brackets to Bybee. Bybee used a woman's name, email address, PayPal account, and without her authorization, charged $1,080 to the victim's credit card, according to the affidavit. Detectives said they found and seized from Bybee's home the rotisserie and accessory brackets and collected both as evidence.

Bybee made at least 12 other unauthorized withdrawals at local stores throughout Sarasota and Manatee counties in November and December, deputies said. When detectives questioned Bybee, he denied having access to the victim's finances, they said. Surveillance video shows Bybee entering the business, approaching the ATM, and exiting with $400 cash in hand. 

Bybee was officially terminated from the sheriff's office on Jan. 31. His arrest and employment status were shared with the public as a means to identify other potential victims.

A judge reduced Bybee's bond on Tuesday from $1,030,000 to $365,620 based on charges from his Jan. 23rd arrest. At a first appearance later to address the additional charges, the judge set Bybee's bond at $5,500. The investigation remains open and ongoing with additional charges pending.