Event of the Week: Sarasota Music Festival

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SARASOTA - Some of the world's most talented musicians are here on the Suncoast. The Sarasota Music Festival is famous around the world.

More than 500 outstanding young musicians from top music universities and conservatories around the world applied this year, but only 60 were chosen.

"The music students are at such a high level. They are inspiring and invigorating, the faculty is first class, and Bob Levin is the greatest. The artistic director, Paul Wolf, created something here so miraculous," says conductor Larry Rachleff.

Flute player Felice Doynov, a student at Indiana University, says it's the teachers that brought her here. "The amazing faculty here, you have a star studded cast of faculty."

There are 40 faculty members. Christina Jennings will be teaching flute. She was a student here herself 20 years ago. And what brought her here back then? "For me the heart of the festival at that point was chamber music, and I come from a chamber music family. My father was a member of a string quartet. To be able to come together with all these fine musicians and play some of the jewels of the chamber music repertoire was very lasting to me."

She has only 3 students in her masters flute class. So she's able to give them her undivided attention. "To be able to hone their musicianship, to be able to refine their powers of communication. For me, I am a communicator up on stage and that’s what I hope to be able to work with students on, is to be able to express your true voice. And for us, that is the instrument of the flute."

Felice Doynov is one of her students. "Mostly I'm just excited about the three-tiered program of solo work, where you get to work for so many hours with the various professors. And then you get chamber music experience for hours and hours every day, as well as orchestra experience.”

There are concerts, recitals, lectures, and rehearsals open to the public. And you can get a pass to attend master classes.