Englewood couple's sons represent the country in different ways

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ENGLEWOOD, Fla. - Mike and Pati Robinson are anxiously awaiting their son's participation for U.S. bobsled team in Sochi. But the Robinsons have not just one, but two sons representing the United States.

At 6'4'' and 230 lbs., Dallas Robinson is one of the fastest bobsled pushers in the world, so the Olympics seem to be where he belongs, and he seems to have muscled his way in.

"He went from sport to sport, and I just feel he was destined to be in the Olympics." What his mom Pati means by that is that by hook or by crook, once Dallas got a whiff of the Olympics, he was going to make it happen.

"Dallas has been working towards this for 15 years. He made the Olympic track team for Beijing in 2007, but then got hurt," says Mike Robinson.

Dallas ran track at Eastern Kentucky, but after the Olympic injury he got a call from the USA Rugby Team. He made that team, but a shoulder injury kept him out of another Olympics.

Finally, a former track pupil of his called to say they needed a man for their bobsled team in Utah. "So they called Dallas and asked him to push this thing. He said, 'I don't want to do that. I don't like cold weather. I don't like roller-coasters, I don't like heights.' He went, and the first day he broke Herschel Walker's bobsled record," says Mike.

Now he is in Sochi competing for both the 2-man and the 4-man bobsled. His parents will stay home so Dallas doesn't have to worry about them while he focuses on gold medals.

But they worry about him with all the security concerns. "I just feel like yeah, they have problems over there, but we have problems over here, too, that need to be addressed," says Pati.

"Dallas' answer to that question was, 'Dad, I'm going down a hill with a bicycle helmet and spandex at 90 mph. That is harm's way. I'm not concerned with the other stuff," says Mike.

Ironically, Dallas' older brother Cole is very concerned with security, and is protecting our country as a member of the Navy Special Forces.

"I was especially proud of Cole for doing the things he did in the Navy. When you think about Dallas, I just think that he is fulfilling his destiny in life," says Pati.

So, the Robinsons have two sons serving our country in different ways, but no less patriotic.

"It’s strange that Cole went out and protected America against things, and Dallas is over there representing America, trying to help us climb a higher mountain. We're very proud of them," says Mike.