Emotional reaction to court's sentence for woman involved in accident that killed biker

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LAKEWOOD RANCH, Fla A 22-year old Lakewood Ranch driver will not serve any jail time for an accident last April that resulted in the death of an 83-year old bicyclist.

A Manatee Court sentenced Lindsay Damery to six months suspended license, court costs and a driver's course.

The Florida Highway Patrol says Damery had run the red light, hit a car, and wound up hitting and killing of 83-year old Donald Mader. Mader and his wife Joyce were out for a bike ride from their nearby house when it happened.

Wendi Golden lives a few houses from the accident scene and still recalls the sirens and helicopter that tipped her off that something was seriously wrong at the end of her street on Lakewood Ranch Boulevard near Paradise Place. She was shocked and angry at the court's decision.

"Are you kidding me? She took a man's life and she's going to get a slap on the hand? I don't think you want me to say on air what I have to say about that," Golden said.

Her husband, Jason, was also surprised at--what some call--a light sentence.

"I don't know the judge's reasoning behind it, I just know there's been heavier sentences for less things done," Mr. Golden said.

Through her attorney, Joyce Mader refused to comment on Damery's sentence for the accident that killed her husband.

Mrs. Mader's lawyer says they plan to sue Damery in civil court in connection to the incident

And Wendi Golden says she understands why.

"That's not justice. I'm sorry, that's just not right," she fumed.

ABC 7 asked Mader's attorney, Dan Danheisser, for his explanation of the court's decision:

"The court did not find evidence of use of alcohol or a controlled substance and didn't find evidence of reckless driving. FHP's conclusion is that the traffic violation they were able to prove was careless driving with a death which is the citation the FHP brought. I cannot speak to the court's decision to withhold adjudication--which means they did not find her guilty of the ticket."

Attempts to contact Damery were unsuccessful.