Emergency meeting held for parents and kids who witnessed football shooting

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BRADENTON--- Officials with the 13th Avenue Dream Center held an emergency meeting Friday night for parents and their children who may have witnessed the shooting death of 39-year-old Brenton Coleman on Thursday night.

The shooting happened at the end of a Manatee Mustangs practice. Bradenton Police estimate 400-500 spectators were at the Norma Lloyd Park/Dream Center when the shooting occurred. Many of those same people attended the meeting Friday night inside the Dream Center gymnasium.

"We were in the line of fire," said Gina-Burney-Miller, who witnessed the shooting. "I went back down to duck the bullets. When I looked back up, I saw him fall to the ground."

"It's just unbelievable," said Everett Smalls, who also witnessed the shooting. "I have never experienced anything like this."

At the meeting, Patrick Carnegie, the CEO of the Dream Center, told those in attendance that they should have nothing to fear.

"This is something we will not accept as a community. As a community center, we will stand tall and be resilient," said Carnegie.

Bradenton Police Chief Mike Radzilowski also spoke.

"This could have happened anywhere. He could have been walking through a church parking lot or a gas station parking lot, and they would have assassinated him last night. The Dream Center had nothing to do with what happened last night," said Radzilowski.

The Chief also told the crowd that they must come forward if they have any information on the shooting, or they know who the suspects are.

The Manatee Mustangs resume practice at the park Saturday morning. There will be extra Bradenton Police officers on the scene to keep a watchful eye on things.