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Early voting begins on the Suncoast

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SARASOTA- Fla. -– Early voting on the Suncoast has begun. The primary is just days away. Voters who want to beat the crowds on Election Day, decided to get an early start.

"I won’t be here for the August 26th election,” said a voter in Sarasota.

Why is it so important for you to come out and vote?

“People die so they can vote in the United States I mean, it’s the greatest, it’s our constitutional guarantee, it’s the most important thing we do as citizens."

On the ballot right now there are several races.

"You have races for county commission races for school board, judicial circuit judge race. Hospital board races, so you have several races on the ballot and of course there are primaries for governor in the democratic primary and republican primary for governor," stated Ron Turner, Chief of Staff Supervisor of Elections.

Early voting begins during a rocky time--as congressional maps in Florida are scrutinized and re-drawn. But the re-drawing would ultimately not affect much of the Suncoast, according to Senator Nancy Detert.

"Voting will continue and the new map will be effective right after this election cycle," stated Senator Nancy Detert.

Several weeks ago, Florida circuit Judge Terry Lewis ordered the congressional maps to be redrawn because, as he rules, the maps were originally drawn to favor the republicans. Last week they were redrawn.

Senator Nancy Detert stated, "Well, we think we drew a decent map, we met all of the requirements of the court, we are in the middle of voting, and we hope that the court does not rule that everybody has to have a special election for congressional seats."

But not everyone is convinced.

"We feel that the maps that emerged after a number of closed door sessions look suspiciously like the maps that the judge ruled as invalid and unconstitutional," stated Deirdre Macnab.

Early voting will continue through next Saturday, August 23rd, with the primary Election Day scheduled for August 26th.