Dry weather and droughts in the Suncoast

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SARASOTA Co., FL (WWSB) -- Some areas of the Suncoast got a little rain Tuesday night, but hardly enough to make a dent in the serious dry weather and drought conditions.

Currently, our area is at a Fire Level 3 - meaning that, every day, the Florida Forest Service is conducting air patrols over the area to look out for wildfires. 

Rangers and other staff members are also not allowed to start any new projects. They must be ready to respond to a fire at moment's notice.

According to the Forest Service, 2013 was actually a worse year for wildfires, though we've had more acreage burn this year. 

"From 2013 to now, there's a tremendous amount of fuels that's on the ground and it's been a lot windier this year than year's past," said Patrick Mahoney of Florida Forest Service. "So that's why we're kinda looking to see the acreage is up." 

Right now the Florida Forest Service is also not conducting any prescribed burns in the area.