Driver hydroplanes vehicle into Phillippi Creek

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SARASOTA, Fla. - The driver of an SUV did not suffer any injuries after she hydroplaned into Phillippi Creek Tuesday afternoon.

It happened around 3pm near the intersection of Cattleman Road and Webber Street. According to the driver, Janna Roberts, she had just left Walmart when she lost control of her vehicle. Her Isuzu landed front-first into the creek below. Family members who were nearby, along with several Good Samaritans who witnessed the wreck, were able to remove her from the car and get her to safety.

"I am really grateful. I thank God and all my friends and family that came out here to help me today, and the kids who stopped to help pull me up to the bank. I thought the truck was going to fall on me," said Roberts.

After Roberts exited the vehicle, the strong current pushed the vehicle down stream for about a half mile. Tow truck drivers tried on three different occasions to pull the SUV up to the shore. The third time was successful, 5 hours after the crash.

Video courtesy Jamie Sullivan.