Doggy DNA to track down those who don't clean up after their animal

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SARASOTA, Fla. - Dog owners at the Admirals Walk Condos in Sarasota have been forewarned: Don't clean up after your dogs, pay a fine.

The problem is getting out of hand said Property Manager, Wendy Bamford.  "We have tried to take care of this is many other ways. They have all failed," she said.

Now Bamford is starting a new program that will match the poop with the pooch.  Each dog owner at Admirals Walk is being forced to provide a DNA sample from their animal to management. Using a program called PooPrints, if leftover poop is found, using the technology, management can track down which dog it came from.

"I would not do this if I did not think it was going to be successful," said Bamford.

Some residents are applauding the idea.

"I think it's awesome. I don't want to walk across my lawn and step on doggy-do. I feel for the guys maintaining this property," said condo owner, Randy Pearcey.

Yet, many of the dog owners on the property aren't all that supportive.

"It's kind of silly. It's overkill. If they see someone not cleaning up the mess, they should report that person," said Darrick Aynes, who owns a boxer puppy.

Those who don't clean up their mess will be fined $50 the first time and $100 the second time. The program goes into effect July 1.