1 dog dead, 1 dog injured from killer bee attack

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ST. PETERSBURG, FL. - One dog is dead and another injured after being attacked by killer bees in St. Pete.

St. Pete Police say the two dogs were found with numerous stings on a St. Petersburg street Thursday around 11:15 am.

One dog was found alive, but had numerous bee stings and the second dog was found decease. The surviving dog was taken to a veterinarian, but it's not clear at this time as to whether or not it will survive.

Officers say a colony of Africanized bees was in the attic of a nearby home and attacked the dogs, which had more than 100 stings each.

A bee expert responded to the scene and determined that a colony of Africanized Killer Bees was located in the attic of the home on 23rd Avenue South. He said he won't spray the bees during the day in an attempt to exterminate, because it might agitate the colony. Officials say the expert will return at dusk and exterminate the colony.