There was much talk of gun control in the wake of yesterday's school shooting in Portland, Oregon, which makes 74 school gun incidents since Newtown.

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I read an article this morning in USA today that discussed OBama's frustration his inability to change gun laws. The President seems to think it is up to the public to change it's mind about existing gun laws in order to make a change. I think for once he is correct. No gun owner I know want to allow guns into the hands of criminals or madmen. Yet we are painted as a vocal minorty who controlls congress through the NRA. The NRA is just another lobby like the pharmaceutics lobby and the automobile lobby, that represent industries that are connecedt to injury mayhem and death, The industries mentioned also represent sport, personal freedom and health. The public is speaking about gun control and it is clear the public does not trust congress, the President and Micheal Bloomberg to rewrite the Consitution. I hope your poll get published somewhere Mr. Obama looks.


The statement "... 74 school shootings since Newtown" has been proven to be fabricated. You should remove it from your poll.

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