911 dispatcher assists father with delivering new son

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MANATEE COUNTY-- A Manatee County 911 dispatcher is being credited with helping a father bring his new son into the world.

On Wednesday, 24-year-old Jamie Monkhouse went into labor at a home. Her husband, David House, rushed home from work, but it was too late to get her to the hospital. The baby was expected to be born at a later date.

House picked up the phone and called 911. On the other end of the phone, Captain Mike Turner assisted House to the best of his ability.

"I could immediately tell there was a sense of urgency in the caller's voice," said Turner. "It's almost like the holy grail of 911 calls. It's the best possible outcome."

Turner instructed House to get towels and a blanket. He also provided him with information on how to gently pull the baby out.

"The father really did a great job. He was very quick with everything I told him to do. He did it quickly and followed my instructions perfectly," said Turner.

The ambulance eventually arrived, just seconds after Monkhouse game birth.

The parents were not available for comment today according to a spokesperson from Manatee County Hospital. However,  baby Daiyton is doing well.

"We try not to get emotionally involved with calls, but in situations like this, it's kind of hard not to," said Turner.