Demotion and suspension recommended for Kinnan

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BRADENTON FL-- Earlier this month Manatee High School long time Athletic Director Joe Kinnan announced he was stepping down from his post.  Now, news that the decision could have come on the heels of a district reprimand.

According to a report issued by the Manatee County School District Superintendent Rick Mills recommended Kinnan be demoted to an "open instructional position" and receive 10 days suspension without pay.  The move came after an internal investigation into the misconduct of Manatee High School's former baseball coach Dwayne Strong.

Strong resigned from his position after being accused of improperly handling money from fundraising sales.  As well as requiring his players to pay for and attend a baseball camp he owns and operates, which violates state and school district regulations.

According to the report from the district's Office of Professional Standards, Kinnan had knowledge of and personal involvement with the financial arrangement. The report also accuses him of providing false and misleading information during the investigation. Still, many in the community are rallying in his support.

"Its a great athletic program here". said parent Gary Demink.  "I think that he should stay and they should give him another chance. This is a great school its one of the best schools in the whole district, added Demink.  And, he isn't the only one in support of the long time athletic director.

"I have a hard time believing that Joe Kinnan would willfully do anything against the rules," said Lisa Nichols a concerned parent.

But not everyone agrees.

"I think he should step down if its proven that he lied and everybody knows that he lied. So, its in his best interest to step down," said Manatee High student Dakota.

And, another concerned parent agrees with Dakota.  "If he did what they say he did, he should definitely step down because if you were on another job and it happened, you would have to go. So, Joe gots to go". 

Again Kinnan resigned as Athletic Director and Business Manager after receiving this letter from the district.  He will still serve as Manatee High head football coach and if he doesn't appeal the reprimand he will serve the 10 day suspension after the school board approved the decision.