Debt ceiling could stop social security checks

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SARASOTA--For many retirees, even an afternoon of music and dancing can't distract them from the fear of what could be coming.

"I see people far worse off than I am, and I'm in poverty, but I'm surviving," said Socrates Birsky, who depends on his social security checks to get by.

Many fear what will happen if the debt ceiling is reached, and those checks stop coming.

"Do you know how many people that live on social security alone, and will just not be able to eat?" wondered retiree Ed Stafford.

It's a far-fetched idea, that may not be that far off.

"A delay in that check is going to affect how they are paying their bills," said Erin McLeod of the Senior Friendship Center, "they could not be able to purchase medication or food, it's frightening."

If Congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling by October 17, social security checks may be delayed or even halted.

"It's frustrating based on the fact that its all strictly politics, and they can't get their act together, neither one of them," said Stafford.

And that means as many as forty-six million Americans could be left hanging.

"They worked all their lives, and then now that it's time for them to not be worried about it when they're seniors, that's why they are worried," said retiree Audrey Guenther.