Death investigation at Bradenton private school/daycare

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BRADENTON, Fla. - In a tragic story coming out of a Manatee County daycare center and school, an investigation is under way into the death of an infant.

According to information from the Department of Children and Families, the Bradenton Police Department was called to the Children's Academy of Southwest Florida back on January 7th. And, while the details of what they found are still being investigated, we do know that one of the students who went to school that day didn't leave alive.

"An infant did die while in the care of the school how ever we do not have a definitive cause of death," says Natalie Harrell from DCF.

The name and age of the student has not yet been released. And, authorities are currently awaiting an autopsy to confirm the actual cause of death and what will happen next.

"Right now we do have an active investigation a we continue to wok closely with law enforcement and child protective services at this time," Harrell added.

At this point in the investigation the school continues to operate.

According to its website ,they were originally called the Manatee County Nursery School. It was founded by Eleanor Roosevelt in 1935 as part of the WPA Program under the New Deal to provide day care for children of the working poor. They incorporated in 1972 and have continued to serve children of the working poor who range from 2 weeks old to 12 years of age for the past 78 years.

And while school officials would not speak to ABC 7 on camera, they did say during that time they have had no other incidents. In the meantime, law enforcement and DCF officials continue to investigate what happened.

"It's open and active and it continues to make changes along the way," said Harrell.