Dads don't always get the credit they deserve

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VENICE, Fla. - The stereotype of fatherhood can tend to be negative in the movies and on TV.

“I think men are portrayed as clumsy, as ignorant as really not leading,” said Matt Day. “The role of fatherhood is under attack and with 40% of homes in the U.S. today being fatherless, that is a huge epidemic.”

Day is the lead pastor of The Bridge Church in Venice and had a passion to teach men how to be good fathers.

“And I think they just have a natural tendency to step back and to be passive when it comes to leading their home, partially because they do really know what to do. How do I lead this? I mean that is a huge responsibility.”

But there are lots of men who are good dads like father of three Vincent Carlo.

“Guys do a lot. I change diapers, I take them to the movies, take them to the store, take them shopping. Help them try to get dressed in the morning, make them breakfast, you know all the normal things that moms do, we do as a partnership,” Carlo told ABC7.

Ryan Harvey is a single father of three. He said he is doing his best to be a positive role model and raise his children right.

“I made my mistakes in the past but I don’t want that to reflect onto them so I am just trying to change that stereotype, honestly,” said Harvey.

Those dads doing a good job got a boost from the Dove soap company. They released a video this week celebrating the caring moments of fatherhood that are often overlooked.

“I am glad that there are commercials that are celebrating manhood and fatherhood because it needs to be put out there. A dad's role is vital, I mean vitally important, vitally important to the health of a family,” said Day.

Scott Corbridge says the key to being a good father is not to be selfish.

“I think a father should be someone who is more interested in the well being of their kids than they are of themselves.”

Erica Suppa would like to see more positive, wholesome examples of fatherhood on TV and in the movies.

“If we had more Bradybunch shows, maybe people would appreciate their fathers more,” said Suppa.