D.C. Walmart fight familiar to Sarasota

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SARASOTA, FL - Walmart is in a fight with city officials in Washington, D.C. about how much the company pays their employees.

D.C. officials want wages for the stores employees to go up to $12.50 per hour, even passing a law that calls for it.  

Walmart however believes the current rate of $8.25 per hour (minimum wage in D.C.) is about right, and they are even refusing some tax incentives to make their point.

Similar situations have been seen in other cities around the nation.

In 2007, plans for a Walmart in Sarasota's Newtown community fell through after a drawn out disagreement between the company and the city.

At the time, some saw it as a lost opportunity for jobs, even if the pay was minimum wage.

Should Walmart pay more? Should a government force them to? What's it worth to a community to have those job opportunities?  ABC 7 Reporter Bobeth Yates is asking those questions today.