Crist vs. Scott battle heating up

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SARASOTA, Fla. -- State Republican committeeman Christian Ziegler thinks polls are tough to go by at this point—and says Governor Scott has a proven record in his office to be re-elected.

"He has cut taxes for both families and job creators. Home prices are going up but I just think everything will just go back to jobs....over 620,000 jobs created. That is what people in Florida care about."

He says ads and getting families out there and engaging with the community will help Scott surpass Crist in poll numbers.

"The great thing about it is that it allows him to connect with the voters."

On the Democratic front- Sarasota county Democratic Party Chair Rita Ferrandino gives the reason Crist is favorable with some voters.

"With women he stands very clear on women's rights and he has been very vocal. He has stood with women and education issues and has a track record that people look at."

Ferrandino sites one reason Crist is leading in the polls.

"He is just simply engaging in the community and I think that the more he is out with the public, the more people are going to continue to support him."

Mounif Seman has been resident of Florida for the last four years, and says the rule of thumb is that the incumbent should be leading in the polls—but there are some exceptions.

“It all depends on perception and that's what counts."

And while there has been talk that Libertarian candidate Adrian Wyllie could play the role of spoiler in this year’s collection—some Suncoast residents don’t feel that way. But instead this will serve as a reason for the other candidates to work harder

"Having more than one incites the other two to do a better job."

"I think its good for the citizens to have a choice--we all need choices."