Crab harvest strong after rough weather

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SARASOTA - While this year's crab season may have started off at a snail's pace, things have picked up in the past forty-eight hours.

"The weather we have right now is excellent conditions for crabs to start crawling," said Robert Hick's at Moore's Stone Crab restaurant. He says things recently had been slow, one of the few downsides of having enjoyable weather.

However, this weeks cold fronts and windy weather have been just what's needed to keep the crabs crawling in.

"Real choppy dirty water [and] blowing," said Hicks, " that's what you want."

Last Thursday Hick's crabber's brought in only fifty pounds of crab. Just a day later when the area's waters were at their choppiest, that fifty pound haul more than tripled.

"They also saw crabs hanging on the outside, which is a very good sign," said Hicks.

He says now that things are picking up, all signs point to another strong season.

"The size of crabs we got kind of correlates to there's going to be a good crab harvest," said Hicks, "it might just take a while to get started."

And overall, a slower than normal start is certainly nothing to crab about.