Court: Red light cameras pre-2010 were illegal

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SARASOTA, Fla. — Florida cities that installed red light cameras before the state authorized them could have to return millions of dollars in fines now that the Supreme Court has ruled they were illegal.

The court ruled Thursday that red light camera ordinances in Aventura and Orlando violated a state law that requires uniform traffic enforcement.

The decision only applies to cities that installed red light cameras before a 2010 law allowing them was enacted.

That may include the City of Bradenton which began installing red light cameras in 2009.  Mayor Wayne Poston told the Bradenton Herald that only one or two cameras collected fines in 2009.

The city has allocated money in reserves to cover roughly $200,000 collected in fines.

Sarasota County approved them in 2010.

Red light cameras in Orlando and Aventura were challenged and two appeals courts had conflicting opinions.

Still in question is how fines are to be returned to drivers.

A lawyer for the city of Orlando contends that it only has to return money to people who disputed the tickets — not those who paid them without objections.

ABC 7's Bobeth Yates is looking at the local effects of this decision and will have a report tonight on ABC 7 News at 5 & 6.

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