County's 2012 Annual Report is now available

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SARASOTA COUNTY - Sarasota County has announced the release of the 2012 Annual Report.

The report's theme is "Public Service Matters," which emphasizes the vital role of county employees in assuring that Sarasota County excels as a premier organization serving a community where people choose to live, work and play.

"The report offers citizens a detailed look at what we have accomplished with our programs and services. It also provides accountability and demonstrates the value that citizens are receiving for their taxpayer dollars," said County Administrator Randall H. Reid.

Included in the report are highlights of the county's operational areas, showing how county services and programs benefit families, citizens and taxpayers.

A digital version of the report includes links to video interviews highlighting 2012 accomplishments and goals set for 2013.

Citizens can view the report online at, or pick up a copy at county offices or any county library.

For more information, call the Sarasota County Call Center at 941-861-5000 or visit