'Cougar Town' creator sets latest show near Sarasota

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SARASOTA, Fla. – TV producer with Suncoast ties has once again created a show that is set near Sarasota.

Kevin Biegel, the creator of the TBS show “Cougar Town", will premier his newest show “Enlisted” Friday night on Fox. It's about three brothers serving in the same U.S. Army unit at a fictional base located on the Suncoast.

Biegel graduated from Riverview High School. He based the show near Sarasota because he says it’s an area he knows best.

“Cougar Town" also takes place in a fictional town that's supposed to be just south of Sarasota.

ABC 7's Chief Meteorologist Bob Harrigan actually made a brief guest appearance on the show, and Good Morning Sunrise co-anchor Don Brennan appeared in a webisode as a sports reporter.