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Cops arrest 15 people, search continues for one more suspect in Sarasota

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SARASOTA, FL – The Sarasota Police Department conducted a Warrant Round-Up and arrested 15 people, but police are still on the lookout for one more suspect.

Police continue to search for 25-year-old Khalid Polk who is wanted for the Sale of Fentanyl.


Khalid Polk

The Warrant Round-Up focused on suspects living throughout the City of Sarasota with a focus on illegal sale of controlled substances including Fentanyl and Carfentanil. 

“We’re working hard to keep the City of Sarasota a safe place to live, work and play,” said Captain Corinne Stannish, Sarasota Police Criminal Investigations Division. 

The 15 people arrested face 18 charges including Sale of Cocaine, Possession of LSD, Sale of Spice and Sale of Marijuana. They have a combined 269 prior felony charges and 317 prior misdemeanor charges.

The ages of those arrested range from 19 to 62 and all are from Sarasota, except one from Arcadia.

“We will continue our efforts to end drug dealing in the City of Sarasota.  We’re not going to give up,” said Captain Stannish.