Controversial 'flag house' gets 90-day extension on code violations

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**UPDATE** -- The Greer Family has been given a 90-day extension to get their home into compliance with city codes.

At Tuesday's hearing, the code enforcement board found the home to still be in violation, but has given the family additional time to get the house into shape.

BRADENTON, Fla. -- A hearing begins Tuesday on the most patriotic house in Bradenton.

Code enforcement officers determined that the "flag house" on Riverview Boulevard is not in compliance, and a hearing will take place Tuesday afternoon at city hall.

The city had cited homeowner Brent Greer for nine home violations, so he painted his home like the American flag as a protest.

The story has since gone national, getting coverage from several major news outlets.

Greer says the violations are cosmetic, and he should be able to make repairs on his own time table. The Greers have seven foster children, and a foster care service has since offered to help him repair the house at no cost.

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