Construction causing headaches on Main Street

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SARASOTA, Fla. - Walking through parts of downtown requires pedestrians to march single-file.

And for those in wheelchairs--it's a tight fit. One caretaker chose to cross the street rather than try to fit through the narrow path of a sidewalk still available around on Main Street just east of Palm Avenue.

Welcome to summertime construction in downtown Sarasota.

The owner of Epicure says he's seen a drop off in business.  "The noise and dust, people try to stay away," said Giovanni Miglorini.

Other places on Main Street over half-off sales to keep customers coming in.

The Downtown Improvement District says all this inconvenience will be worth in.  When complete in a few months, sidewalks will be wider, you'll see more outdoor dining and enhanced landscaping.

One of Sarasota's most famous residents says all this hassle is worth the trade off.

"The truth is Sarasota's growing, there's more young people downtown, so that's sorta cool, So you don't lose a few parking spaces but we have free parking right around the corner there," said talk show host Jerry Springer.

Springer is referring to the city's relatively new parking garage that offers free parking. It will come in handy, as once this project is done, the right side of the road will become parallel parking, not angled parking, causing fewer spaces on the street.