Columbus replica ships dock in Palmetto

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PALMETTO, FL. - In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue. We've all heard the saying as kids, learning about the history of our country.

Beginning today, you have the opportunity to take a trip back and time and see for yourself what it would've been like for Columbus and his crew.

The Pinta and the Nina sailed into Palmetto Thursday and the ships will be docked at the Regatta Pointe Marina for the next ten days.

The ships are almost exact replicas of the originals that Columbus sailed on in the late 1400's.

The Nina took 20 shipwrights and was built by hand, without the use of any power tools, over the course of three years.

While in port, you can see the ships for yourself and get a glimpse of history and the type of conditions early explorers endured.

“The caravels, which these type are, is a very common vessel back in the 1400's, early 1500's. They were very good sailors, and the explorers, all of them. Ferdinand Magellan, Vasco de Gama, Columbus, they all used them to find new worlds. Europe at that time was in the dark ages, so to speak, a lot of persecution and people wanted to sail and find something new, and freedom,” says Sr. Captain Morgan Sanger.

The ships are open to the public every day from 9am to 6pm from now until April 15th. There are special admission rates for students and no reservations are needed.