UPDATE: Jury finds Andres Avalos guilty

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MANATEE CO., FL (WWSB) - After over 13 hours of deliberation, a jury has found Andres "Andy" Avalos guilty of two counts first-degree murder, and one-count second-degree murder.

Avalos shot and killed his wife Amber Avalos, neighbor Denise Potter, and his pastor, James "Tripp" Battle III, back in December 2014.

Defense attorneys tried to prove an insanity defense during five days in court, claiming Avalos was suffering from "delusional disorder" at the time of those murders.

The jury has returned it's verdict, and now Avalos will face the death penalty as indicated by state prosecutors.

More details at 6:30 pm on ABC 7 News: Weekend Edition.


Attorneys have one last chance to speak to jurors before they decide whether or not Andres Avalos was driven by a psychological disorder when he murdered his wife, his neighbor, and a church pastor in Bradenton.

 Andres "Andy" Avalos allegedly killed his wife Amber Avalos, neighbor Denise Potter, and pastor James "Tripp" Battle III in December 2014. Avalos suspected his wife and Battle were having an affair.

Closing arguments starting around 9 a.m. in the Manatee County Courthouse Friday. For five days, jurors have seen evidence like Avalos' confession interview with law enforcement, eye witness testimony from the wife of slain church pastor James "Tripp" Battle III, and a religious couple who prayed with Avalos in the last moments before he turned himself in.

 Art Brown started closing arguments with an emotional review of the case, raising his voice at times while describing Avalos' alleged crimes and words during his confession.
Brown also showed jurors pictures of Amber Avalos' injuries.
Defense attorney Andrew Crawford asked jurors to see a different version of the evidence, one that proves Andres Avalos suffered from "delusional disorder" when he committed those murders.
Brown rebutted by saying Crawford ignored a crucial element of an insanity plea during his closing argument: whether Avalos knew what he was doing was wrong by society's standards.
Brown pointed to Avalos' confession to law enforcement, where he said he expected persecution, and provided detailed suggestions of what his punishments might be.
The jury was dismissed at 12:11 pm to deliberate on a final verdict. 
UPDATE: around 12:40 pm, jury submitted a request to Judge Diana Moreland. 
They asked for Avalos' confession tape, expert report from the three doctors who testified, the gun magazines from the crime, and Avalos' medical records from St. Jude and Centerstone.
Both sides agreed to give them a copy of the confession, but denied any expert or medical reports since they had not been entered into evidence.
Judge Moreland allowed the magazines on the stipulation that the jury send back the murder weapon, since those magazines still contain live rounds.
UPDATE (6:00 pm)
The jury has decided to keep deliberating past the original 6:00 pm deadline.
Judge Diana Moreland came back into the courtroom to speak with attorneys about how to proceed.
Moreland said they would order the jury dinner around 6:15 pm, and they would continue to deliberate into the night.
UPDATE (6:25 pm)
The jury asked the court to clarify the definition of "depraved mind."
Judge Morland brought jurors back into the courtroom to read them the state statute associated with second-degree murder.
UPDATE (8:00 pm)
The jury informed Judge Moreland that they want to be done for the night, and continue deliberating Saturday morning.
The Jury was instructed to be back at 8:30 am.