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City officials, police and firefighters address residents' concerns in Venice

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"I thought today's meeting was very informative."

This was the first City of Venice meeting Cheryl Palmer has attended. She moved to Venice only a few months ago.

"I really appreciate that the different departments were here to explain what they're struggling with."

Palmer learned in detail, the troubles at the Venice Police Department.

"They're using tarps to cover up equipment because of the water coming through the roof at the present police station. It's just, wow. We're in the 21st century and we're doing these kinds of things."

A few weeks ago Police Chief Tom Mattmuller showed us around the current police station. We found a maze of tarps in the evidence room, and the uniform room.

"The water is running down a tarp and we have it collecting in a garbage can. The roof tiles were damaged, some were removed before additional damage to the roof tiles was done."

The City of Venice has a multi-million dollar public safety bond and are asking voters for the money for a new police station on the November ballot. Today was an opportunity for residents to ask Chief Tom Mattmuller why he needs the money.

"They understand now, directly from us, explaining what the assets are. What needs to be addressed. Why we are doing this, doing things deliberately, understanding this does have an impact on taxpayers."

City Manager Ed Lavallee organized today's meeting. He says the goal is to get residents involved so they know whats going on. And that's exactly what brought Cheryl Palmer in.

"I just wanted to know the plans for the City are for the future and how that's going to impact me."