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City of Venice looks to tighten doggie dining rules

SARASOTA Co., Fla (WWSB) -- The rules of how you dine with your pets in the City of Venice may be changing.

The city's doggie dining ordinance expires in June, and the planning commission is looking to replace it with a permanent ordinance.

City of Venice Mayor John Holic says this gives the city a chance to evaluate what's working and what isn't and to make some changes going forward.

Restaurants have to apply for a dog dining permit. There are currently 11 in the City of Venice that have them. There's a $25 annual fee and the business has certain obligations.

For instance, animals cannot be on a person's lap, a chair or the table. It also can't be fed table food. The restaurants are required to have water-less hand sanitizing wipes at every table and a water bowl for the dogs.

Mayor Holic says some of those rules are being broken. Moving forward, he says the consequences will be stricter, and if a restaurant doesn't comply with the rules, they risk losing their permit.

Here's a list of the dog friendly dining restaurants in the City of Venice:

- Blu-Island Bistro (625 S. Tamiami Trail)

- TJ Carneys (231 W. Venice Ave)

- Cafe Venice (116 W. Venice Ave)

- Cassariano's (313 W. Venice Ave)

- Daiquiri Deck (300 W. Venice Ave)

- Flynn's on Venice Avenue (113 W. Venice Ave)

- La Dolce Vita (217 W. Miami Ave)

- Made in Italy (117 W. Venice Ave)

- Dockside Waterfront Grill (509 N. Tamiami Trail)

- Mi Pueblo (530 US 41 Bypass)

- Old Salty Dog (1475 S. Tamiami Trail)

Here's a list of doggie dining locations in Sarasota County: