City of Sarasota celebrates the 4th!

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SARASOTA-- The wet weather and slow moving traffic did not deter thousands from coming out to Sarasota's bayfront Thursday night for the city's annual 4th of July celebration.

Spectators were treated to a patriotic band, carnival food and of course an amazing fireworks show. The fireworks display lasted for about thirty minutes and did not disappoint.

"With the ambiance of the whole bayfront, which is gorgeous with the boats, it becomes a very special time," said Sarasota resident Norm Schimmel.

"We love coming down here," said Jim Keen of Sarasota. "The one thing we don't like is that it is so hard to get a spot down here. That's why we have to come down at 8 in the morning."

Early estimates indicate that 20-25 thousand attended this year's event.

Traffic was a factor when leaving the area. Cars were bumper to bumper as people were trying to get home. However, about an hour after the display ended, Sarasota Police Chief Bernadette DiPino told ABC 7 that the roads were all clear.