City denies request to shut down Ivory Lounge

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SARASOTA-- One of Downtown Sarasota's hottest nightclubs will remain open, according to documents released Tuesday by the Sarasota City Attorney's Office.

Over the last few years, residents living in the 50 Central building have complained that Ivory Lounge isn't being very neighborly, citing loud noise and vibrations coming from the venue. The club takes up space on the ground floor of the building. Recently, those residents claimed the lounge was operating illegally by acting as an adult cabaret, in response to events at Ivory, like Drag Queen Jello Wrestling.

On Tuesday, Michael Connolly, the Deputy City Attorney sent a letter to Stephen Thomas, the attorney representing the residents at 50 Central. The letter states:

"In conclusion, the City finds this matter to be a private dispute between the commercial users and the residential users in a mixed-use building. The City finds no basis for the City taxpayers to fund the judicial resolution of this private dispute. Consequently, the City declines your demand to revoke Major Conditional Use Permit 08-CU-10."

It's music to the ears of Ambrish Piare, the owner of Ivory Lounge.

"If you obey by the rules, you are good to go. We are a healthy business obeying the rules, so we are good to go," he said. "There will be another reason this week or maybe next month. I don't know what reason it is, but we will fight it again."