Charlotte County inmates graduate from recovery and GED Programs

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CHARLOTTE COUNTY, FL- In one of the largest graduations yet held at the Charlotte County Jail, a total of 28 inmates from three different programs will graduate Friday at 10:00 am and the media is invited to attend.  The inmates will graduate from the Jail’s Faith-Based, Celebrate Recovery and G.E.D. Programs. 

The graduation will be held on Friday December 20, 2013 at 10:00 am at the Charlotte County Jail Training Building, located at 26601 Airport Road, Punta Gorda.

The “Faith-Based Program” was started last year in a cooperative effort among the Sheriff’s Office, the Charlotte County Jail Chaplain Services and Lighthouse Addiction Services.  The goal is to provide the inmates that attend the program with a broad-based, faith-based education and support system that they can use outside the correctional setting.

The “Celebrate Recovery Program” Over the past 8 weeks this program has allowed the inmates to focus on the principles and knowledge needed to practice positive life-changing values, attitudes and behaviors by implementing the 12-step process from a spiritual perspective.

The “G.E.D. Program” was implemented in cooperation between Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office and the Charlotte Technical Center to assist inmates who did not have their G.E.D., to get it.  The objective of this program is to give the inmates’ access to their G.E.D. so upon reentry back into society, they become a viable and productive citizen in their community.

These programs are taught by volunteers, certified counselors, members of the Jail Chaplain Services and educators form the Charlotte Technical Center and are funded by Inmate Welfare Funds.