Changing face of plastic surgery

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Your face reflects the day you've had, your expressions, even the life you've lived. But, the skilled hands of a plastic surgeon makes it possible to not only turn back the hands of time and create a more youthful look, but a natural one as well.

Face lifts used to involve cutting then lifting the skin.

Now, the contours and curves are taken into consideration and instead of just taking skin out, plastic surgeons are replacing lost volume.

"I think there's been a huge quantum shift from when I was trained and my father trained me, and he was a surgeon." Said John Fezza, M.D. of Center for Sight in Sarasota."

Fezza's mother was an artist and he uses both the skills passed on by his parents.

"Artists have always known you have to think in three dimensions, That curves and shapes are very important. We can now appreciate based on real art curves like an ogee, which is a convexity of the cheek, which goes gently into a cavity."

Fezza advocates using fat as a filler, there may benefits of stem cells and there is appeal to the ability to remove fat from an unwanted area. "Its really more important just pulling skin and lifting, you want to re-establish natural appearances and that's really important."

So, the questions would be that I'd like to have a patient ask me this.

They will ask me sometimes, what do you think?

I always turn it back to them. What do you think you need, and I think they have to become more thoughtful of what they're desiring, and to really assess before they come in, the ares in what they want to achieve.

James Marsh, M.D., PA said, "Facelifts have come significant from when I first started fourty years ago, back in those days, everything was done under a general anesthesia. That meant that the patient had to have a tube in their throat, it meant that they felt lousy when they woke up. They thrashed around they all threw up, it was a miserable ordeal. It mean the bleeding was much worse." He said.

But now days its much more simpler, and, it is safer for the patient and its done with IV sedation and local anesthesia."

Communication, said John Strausser, M.D. has also changed for the better. "I encourage patients to talk about how they envision their results and his way we can achieve a realistic goal that they will be happy with."

Although you may not be able to turn the hands of time back to your teen years, with the help of a plastic surgeon, it is not beyond the realm of possibility to take 5, 10, even 20 years off your face.