Changes recommended for Florida's Common Core standards

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SARASOTA FL--- The Common Core education standard adopted by 45 states including Florida is once again under attack.  The state's republican party backed a resolution opposing the common core standards.  The move resulted in Governor Scott urging the Department of Education to get public input and propose changes on how the standards will be implemented.

"The Republican Party of Sarasota opposes Common Core," said Joe Gruters the chair of the organization.

That belief was evident over the weekend, when many Florida GOP members voted to support a resolution in opposition of the Common Core standards, currently implemented in schools all across the state.

"A lot of people fear with Common Core is this massive federal intrusion and then there is also the fear that they were going into these schools asking kids questions that should not be answered by the children.  They should be answered by the parents or not asked at all, " added Gruters.

And the group isn't alone. The number of people opposing the measures continues to grow.   With the Department of Education already receiving the more than 19,000 comments.  But Common Core supporters say fears of government intrusion is a misconception.

"This is not about the federal government telling us what and how to teach the standards.  It gives us a great, clear, and consistent guideline of what we need to do but then the how part of it is up to the autonomy of the teacher to make those decisions appropriate for meeting individual needs," said Sue Meckler, with the Sarasota School District. 

Meckler says the purpose of the Common Core is to set minimum guidelines which will help level the playing field for students when being compared with those in other states or countries.

"I personally am very excited about the Common Core standards because what I see happening is the idea that these are consistent and clear standards for grades K-12 that really help our teachers and parents understand what students need to know at each grade level. We also have to keep in mind that we are a very mobile society and students are moving from state to state and we want that consistency for our patents and students," added Meckler.

Details of the proposed changes to Common Core will be presented at the February 18th State Board of Education meeting.  Gruters says the Sarasota Republican Party support the 98 recommendations and they are happy there is now a dialog to finds standards that work for everyone.