Caught on camera: Boater drives through waterspout in Keys

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MARATHON, Fla. - Charter captain Kevin Johnsen, his dog Boede and friend Aaron Osters were cruising around the Florida Keys in search of lobster when they were confronted by not one, but five enormous waterspouts.

But rather than head back to port, the brave boaters pointed their vessel at the heart of one of the twisters and sailed right through.

The pair captured the weather phenomenon six miles north of Marathon in an 11-minute video Johnsen posted on YouTube last week.

The powerful storm caused torrents of water to hit the camera lens.

'With plenty of lobster in the box, a great opportunity presented itself to film a close encounter with a weather phenomenon,' Johnsen, who has lived in the Keys for more than 20 years, wrote in a post with the clip.

A waterspout looks like a tornado, with a giant whirling cloud suspended beneath a low-lying cloud, dropping to a body of water.

Johnsen said he was lucky his boat wasn't sucked into the powerful twister.  “This not for anybody to try EVER and this is a delicately calculated risk based on dozens of fluid variables that change by the second. Waterspouts are typically short lived F0 rated tornadoes on the water with winds under 72mph. This was a likely an F0 waterspout, yet was strong enough to completely open my deck hatches and forcibly move the boat more than I expected….don't ever do this! If you do, you're gonna need a bigger boat!!