Cat Depot assisting in recent animal hoarding case

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SARASOTA, FLA. - Many local animal shelters and rescue organizations have stepped forward to assist the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office after they confiscated more than 300 animals from an east Manatee home last Wednesday.

“We have 34 new house guests and they are very welcome here at Cat Depot,” said Corey Roscoe, the Volunteer and Education Director at the Cat Depot. She told ABC 7, Cat Depot has agreed to provide care and housing for nearly three dozen of the felines taken from Napier’s Log Cabin Horse and Animal Sanctuary.

Cat Depot picked up the cats from the Manatee Animal Services office Friday afternoon.

“And our initial steps were triage, so we examined them. They were seen by one of our vet techs. We administered some basic care to them,” explained Roscoe.

Cat Depot already has 120 cats and kittens ready for adoption so in order to accommodate the additional cats, staff made temporary living quarters in a storage area.

“Cat Depot has a storage garage and when we knew we were getting 34 cats, we quickly took all of our storage out of the garage, I mean who wants to clean out the garage? Well, we had to do it in a few hours to make room for the cats.”

Each cat is being kept in it own crate in the garage. Staff placed plastic shower curtains between the crates because several of the cats have some type of respiratory illness.

“We heard wheezing, some snot bubbles, some green puss coming out of their nose and eyes but they seem to be in good spirits despite their negative health conditions.”

Roscoe says the all the cats seem friendly and well socialized but the Cat Depot only has temporary custody as the case goes through the judicial system. For now, they will continue to provide basic care for the cats and hope they will be able to find them permanent loving homes soon.