Cat controversy at Bradenton mobile home park

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BRADENTON-- A cat controversy is dividing neighbors at a Bradenton mobile home park.

Some of the residents at Trailer Estates are feeding a number of feral cats on the property, while others continue to complain that the felines are leaving a stench, and defecating in yards and driveways.

"There is a lot of cat activity. We noticed it has increased since last year," said Elizabeth Williams, a part-time resident at Trailer Estates. "This year there are at least 13-25 in once colony of black cats."

Williams blames neighbors like Holly Rotroff and her husband Clark for feeding the cats. The Rotroff's don't deny it.

"The only reason we are feeding them is because they would starve to death. They would slowly suffer and die," says Rotroff, who says she looks after nine of the feral cats.

Rotroff says she has seen some of her neighbors abuse the cats with her own eyes.

"People are mean here. They don't want them here, so they chase them with golf clubs, brooms, and they spray them with pesticides," she said.

The issue is that Trailer Estates does not have an ordinance prohibiting residents from feeding the animals. The other issue pertains to Manatee Animal Services. An officer will come out, trap the cats and have them spayed or neutered. It's what happens after that's causing the problem. The cats are placed back in the same area they were trapped.

"That makes the problem worse," says Williams.

Holly agrees. She'd like the cats to be relocated to a more animal friendly area.

"We would drive out there and feed them," said Holly.

On Monday, the issue will be discussed at a Trailer Estates board meeting scheduled for 9:00am. Representatives from Manatee Animal Services will be in attendance.