Caspersen Beach notorious for people engaging in lewd behavior

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VENICE, Fla. - Over the last 13 years, Sarasota County Sheriff's deputies have made 45 arrests at Caspersen Beach. Those arrests include people engaging in indecent exposure and lewd and lascivious behavior.

Venice Mayor John Holic says the issue is a big concern for the community.

"We have had trouble for years at Caspersen and I don't think it's something that will go away with merely one or two arrests," said Holic.

Holic claims the area is notorious for the illegal acts because of it's remote location.

"There is a lot of cover. As far as a place to hide for someone that wants to do thing like that, there are plenty of places to quickly run and hide," said Holic.

Caspersen's reputation is known around the community.

"It's an ugly situation," said Venice resident Ron Cushing. "Every town has areas that are bad. Every city has one. Unfortunately, this right now is in the public eye. We certainly don't want it out there. Hopefully it will disappear quickly."

Mayor Holic says the only way for that to happen is with more enforcement. Yet, even with undercover surveillance going on administered by Sheriff's Office deputies, people are still returning to engage in the illegal behavior.