Cancer survivors strike up long-distance friendship

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SARASOTA - In the middle of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, here’s an inspiring story of a special friendship between survivors.

Suncoast resident Carla Wilson was diagnosed with HER2-positive breast cancer about two years ago. She says her life was saved by a drug called Herceptin and her spirits were lifted by a woman she met online.

The two met in person in Sarasota for the first time Tuesday.

Their friendship began when Carla posted on a breast cancer page on Facebook, and a woman named Dory in Wisconsin responded. The women were both facing the same type of aggressive breast cancer.

They spoke every week about their fight and formed an unbreakable bond. "She said ‘you know, I think we are long lost sisters.’ And I said ‘I think we are too.’ So we have talked every week, probably two or three times a week, over the last year and a half and we’ve become very close. It’s important to know someone that’s been through what you’ve been through that you can connect with," says Wilson.

Dory surprised Carla when she let her know recently she was planning a trip to the Suncoast to visit her.

And just Tuesday morning Carla found out she had a clear mammogram and clear pet scan.