Cancer Prevention Study

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SARASOTA - There was a breakfast of champions this morning in Sarasota sponsored by the American Cancer Society.

It is the kickoff for Cancer Prevention Study #3, and Suncoast volunteers say their mission is to get folks on the Suncoast to take part in the study.

They came from Manatee and Sarasota counties, Venice and North Port, combining their efforts to recruit 400 people locally to take part in the 20 year study. Nationally, 300,000 will be participating.

The first such study that took place in the 1950's uncovered the link between smoking and cancer and led to the anti-smoking laws that now on the books.

The purpose of this study is to find the cause and the cure for cancer.

“Because of the impact this can have on preventing cancer. Our goal is one day not to hear the words, ‘I have cancer’ and a study such as this with the magnitude and the amount of folks involved is going to allow that at to happen one day," says Dave Strickland of the American Cancer Society.

On Friday’s Healthsmart, we will tell you what is involved if you want to participate in the study and how you can sign up.