Business owners bearing with Main Street construction

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SARASOTA - All throughout the lower end of Main Street, it's barricades, construction workers...and noise.

Jamie Freedy is an artist who tries to rise above the noise in her 2nd floor studio, but it's not easy with ongoing city construction project going on right outside her stairs.

"It's irritating, dirty and hurting out business because people don't want to be bothered with it...but we're kind of excited, it's going to look really good," she said.

And that "glass is half full" attitude is shared by each business owner we asked along Main--even those who are losing money. Despite all the noise going on outside his restaurant, Raff Perna it'll be worth it. He is co-owner of "Classico" that opened six months ago at Main and Palm.

"With all growth there is pain, and if there's time to do it, this is the time to do it," Perna said.

Ron Soto also likes the timing of construction during the off-season, but he doesn't like the fact there will be fewer parking spots outside his eyeglasses store when the angled parking becomes parallel parking.

"I'm disappointed we will be losing parking spaces in the 1300 block, but hopefully with a new parking garage on State Street, the next couple of years will be very good," Soto said.

The construction project will be done in early November.

Next year, the city of Sarasota will install a roundabout at the intersection of Main and Orange.