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"Bullfighter on the Green" to film in Sarasota County as early as next month

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SARASOTA COUNTY, FL (WWSB) - Sarasota County Commissioners approved a request from Sarasota County Film Commissioner Jeanne Corcoran that would bring a movie production here. 

The full-length bio-pic, "Bullfighter on the Green," is the story of legendary Puerto Rican golfer Chi Chi Rodriguez.  The movie was scheduled to film in his homeland, but Hurricane Maria ruined that opportunity. 

Commissioners approved a rebate of up to $80,000 if the movie makers spend $400,000.  Corcoran wanted to be very clear about the arrangement. 

"So what we did was ask them (Commissioners) to raise our rebate cap from $25,000 to $80,000 base cap because it will have a bigger budget than many of the things that do shoot here.  And that is a rebate, it's not a grant, subsidy or gift--it's a ceiling they can earn up to if they spend enough to get a rebate up to $80,000 which means they have to spend a minimum of $400,000 to achieve that," Corcoran said. 

Corcoran said "Bullfighter on the Green" will start filming in Sarasota County as early as next month.  The film will be narrated by "Malcolm in the Middle" star Freddy Munoz.  She said to expect to see Munoz and Rodriguez in the area during the course of production.