Buchanan and Fitzgerald battle for Congress seat

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SARASOTA - Voters on the Suncoast are deciding today whether Vern Buchanan deserves another term in Congress.

His opponent is former House member and Democrat, Keith Fitzgerald.

Both candidates spent Election Day meeting and greeting volunteers and making a final push for voters to head to the polls.

We caught up with the incumbent at the corner of Bee Ridge Road and U.S. 41 earlier this afternoon, where he spent part of the day waving signs and shaking hands with volunteers.

If Buchanan wins tonight, he says his first priority when he gets back to Washington D.C. will be creating jobs for this area.

As for Fitzgerald, besides teaching two classes at New College today, he met with volunteers at his campaign office in Sarasota, where he made phone calls to registered Democrats urging them to vote.

The motto of Fitzgerald's campaign this election season is, “Let's Clean Up Congress”.

So who is going to make it to Congress? Well, both candidates say they are excited about their chances.

Both Buchanan and Fitzgerald will be attending and speaking at victory parties tonight. Buchanan will be at the Hyatt in Sarasota with Republicans and Fitzgerald will be at Marina Jack with Sarasota County Democrats.