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Braves continue talks of moving training facility to Sarasota Co.

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SARASOTA CO., Fla. (WWSB) – Developers continue discussing the possible relocation of the Atlanta Brave’s spring training facility to Sarasota.

Atlanta Braves vice chairman, John Scherholz, has requested to continue discussion with the Sarasota County Commission about a potential spring training facility for the Atlanta Braves in Sarasota County. The discussion has gone on for almost a year.

The proposed facility location is a 100 to 150 acre site adjacent to the State College of Florida-Venice. The area surrounding the facility consists of four premier neighborhoods, selling more than 700 new homes annually. These sales account for over 40 percent of new home sales in Sarasota County.

“We’re eager to continue this discussion as we determine what is best for our community, the county and the team,” stated West Villages general manager Martin Black. “This can generate important economic growth in our region and create a destination that benefits people throughout the area.”