Bradenton woman tasered after trespassing at county office

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Bradenton, FL-A Bradenton woman warned not to cause trouble at a county office is tasered after she is asked to leave the Manatee County tag office, and does not.

It happened just after 3 p.m. Thursday, at the tag offic on 75th street.  According to a Sheriff's Office report, 47-year old Tracy Stewart had been warned prior to this incident to not cause a disturbance or she would be trespassed.

Stewart began arguing with an associate.  A Deputy told her she had to leave and he was issuing her a trespass citation.  Stewart responded to the officer by telling him she wasn't going anywhere and he would have to fight her.  The deputy deployed his E.C.W and after a first cycle she still resisted.  He deployed it again and was able to bring her under control.