Bradenton woman says she was kicked out of gym for baring her midriff

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BRADENTON, Fla. - A Suncoast woman was escorted out of her local gym by police this weekend -- for baring her midriff while working out.

Linda Hug has been a member of YouFit gym in Bradenton for nearly two years and says she was wrongfully accused of violating her contract while working out, and was even escorted out of her gym by police officers.

She says the initial problem began about 6 months ago when a new employee confronted her about baring her midriff, saying it was not in line with the contract. "This person stated that I needed to put my top down because of intimidation."

YouFit's contract offers a basic dress code, including the fact that shirts and appropriate athletic shoes are required.

"It says shirt and shoes required, which I do have a shirt on. And when I'm on the treadmill or the elliptical, because I'm just overheated, I do flip my top up, just to cool down, and then I always put it back down when I'm on the equipment."

ABC 7 went to the Bradenton YouFit, but we were immediately turned away and told we could only speak with a regional manager, who was not available.

We asked a fellow gym member how they have been treated at that location, and what they thought about the situation. "Actually enjoy coming here. The staff's been really nice, they welcome you every day," says Summer Richardson. "I think it depends on the gym. I mean, plenty of gyms I've gone to, people have showed their midriff."

Hug says she felt singled out by the employee and claims she did not argue with the employee, but did tell her she was not breaching the contract.

Bradenton Police arrived shortly after that conversation and escorted her out of the building. The police filed a full event information form, detailing the incident.

Since then, Hug says she has been in contact with the gym manager and the manager has apologized.

Hug has reached out to an attorney and plans to take legal action against YouFit for what she claims was defamation of character, falsifying information to police, and breach of contract.

This comes after a very similar incident at a Planet Fitness gym in California just last week, where a woman was asked to cover up while working out because she was intimidating people with her toned body.