Bradenton woman plans to donate money from sale of her house to church

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BRADENTON, FLA. – Debbie Morrissey lovers her Bradenton home.

“I've lived here 12 years. One thing I am going to miss the most is my morning coffee on my front porch in my rocking chair,” said Morrissey.

Even though she loves her house situated on two acres at 3005 69th Street East, Morrissey, an empty nester, says the four bedroom three and a half bath home has become too much for her.

“I’m ready to move on. I ready to give back more importantly.”

So she has decided to sell her home and donate the profit to Bayside Community Church’s small group ministry.

“Through these outreach programs, whether it is detoxing your soul, or detoxing your body or helping some else to detox themselves all these programs that they have there are perfect.”

Morrissey said her church and volunteers were there for her when she was going through a hard time and needed help the most.

“I didn't even want to go to Bayside,” she explained, adding, “Someone pulled me into Bayside and through that I went and I talked it out, I cried it out, I prayed it out and it is working out.”

The small group ministry at Bayside means so much to Morrissey that she is hoping to clear upwards of $50,000 dollars from the sale of her home to give to the church ministry.

“I am excited to help people that may not even know they need help.”

Morrissey put her house up for auction with Realtor Colleen Belcher says property auctions are becoming more common.

“It is actually a paradigm shift in the real-estate industry, in the next ten years over 30 percent of all properties will be sold this way,” said Belcher.

Unfortunately at auction time, no one stepped forward ready to bid on the house and the auction was cancelled. Belcher, a project manager with says they will continue to market the house and except offers. Morrissey says she will continue trying to sell her house and donated the money to her church once it is sold.